Dr.Hassan Al Bhtri

Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

Dr.Hassan Al Bhtri


Specialist- Internal Medicine

Dr Hassan albhtri is a cardiovascular and internal medicine specialist, who has been working with Star Care Oman since 2016. 
After graduation from Damascus University - Faculty of Medicine 2003, he has worked in all departments of internal medicine in various   hospitals in Damascus and Makkah al-Mukarramah  (Saudi Arabia) and has gained  extensive    knowledge   and  experience, with  special interest in the most significant  diseases  affecting people  life  due to the new  life style ; hypertension, diabetes , hyperlipidemia  and heart diseases .

He completed his internal medicine degree in 2011,after which he spent four years in the sub-specialty of cardiology and  completed his degree in cardiology (Syrian Board  in 2015) working with  the largest  hospital in  the ministry of health(Syria)  with good experience in Echocardiogram  and Exercise Stress Test.

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